• Product Engineering
  • Managed Services
  • Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality
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  • Website Development
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Product Engineering

Our experts also capable of assisting you in resolving complex challenges related to any technical capabilities to re-engineer products that can easily exceed market expectation. We make use of a holistic approach to product engineering and proposing end-to-end product engineering solutions that can very quickly reduce operational and production costs, at the same time as enhancing ROI.

The best aspect of our service is that our team always tries to offer custom agile product development solutions across diverse industry domains, via utilizing mobile, web, and cloud technologies. Every project we undertake is completed only after understanding our customers’ product nuances and market dynamics. Our product engineering solution includes:

  • Product gap study and conceptualization
  • Roadmap of product and its architecture
  • Adding up or upgrading any new features
  • Integration of product
  • Change release management
  • Environment upgrades
  • Product Engg

    Managed Services

    We have earned a reputation as a renowned IT managed service provider, and it rests on our aptitude to foresee and direct change in both business practices along with technology. We are exceptionally positioned to compel efficiencies and pioneering IT operations.

    Many of us are well aware of the fact that it is not always that easy to maintain a large IT resource on-premise. Your tension can get reduced as we facilitate you with security, patch management and data backup in addition with a series of alternatives for client devices such as desktops, servers, notebooks, storage systems, networks and individual applications.

    In the past few years, we have been able to help many enterprises meet tactical business imperatives successfully by delivering much required constant improvement, change, and innovation.

    managed services

    Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality

    Nowadays augmented reality and artificial intelligence are the two most distinct technologies, but when used together can facilitate in offering unique experiences. At SNP Group Solutions, with our profound digital expertise, we have been at the forefront of providing enhanced and contextual experiences.

    Product Engg

    Overcrowding is one of the most common issues faced in the rail stations, but that’s only when you ignore to apply the AR technology. We offer the right AR solution to navigate between different platforms in the railway station. With the usage of android / ios mobile phones, you get to experience the live stream commuters’ traffic at the station’s platform, immediately identify the jam and thus get easily navigated between platforms.

    In recent times, Artificial intelligence is making its way into the fitness industry in sales, customer service, training and more. Moreover, don’t you think you can always be on the win-win situation by having clear insights via AI-based application that can track your health and fitness progress over time?

    ai & ar

    We can get you an application where one just have to share inputs related to body features such as height, weight, etc. and based on given inputs, the application will create current body figure along with expected result like weight gain/ loss, increase bicep, etc. After sharing various inputs, AI optimizes accordingly provide information like on-track, revise diet schedule, weight for each exercise, etc.

    Mobile App Development

    No matter whatever is the nature of your business, with mobile app development, you can very well add mobility to the stationary enterprise processes and so could further enhance the global reach.

    Our mobile app developers are specialized in the creation of applications using technologies like android, iOS, react-native, ionic, Cordova, which could very well increase the reach and earn higher returns. Our talented resources could assist in achieving your business goals.

    Mobile App

    Website Development

    At SNP Group Solutions, we provide you with the new and creative website development service to those who want to grow online. Focusing on the results, our team makes the best use of our technical skills and industry expertise.

    The technologies we are expert on are HTML, CSS, bootstrap, PHP, javascript, python, WordPress, and could very easily offer you with a customized website that can satisfy your requirements. We aim to facilitate you with the right solution and meet the challenges of your business.

    The goal of any framework like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Django, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, ExpressJS is to allow developers or web designers and to create unique features for their project. These frameworks help you add new attributes by coding standard, well-known features, which are usually found and highly recommended in different websites and web applications. We have got our speciality in creating and offering you easy to versatile web applications at the best price with the right mix of artistic look and trouble-free navigation.

    Website Devp

    Staff Augmentation

    We also offer staff augmentation service and aim to be an extension of your IT business by providing you with right and trained skills and resources. Being one of the best-established brands, we have been in staffing business in India with a presence across many states. We always admire the best talent and try to help you by bridging the IT talent demand-supply gap. The result is more than 80% of our clients prefer us in their top partners in meeting human resources via performance.

    Staff Aug

    Desktop Application

    We also make use of Java, C, C++, C# programming language to create further different types of applications that can further in meeting the diverse requirements of different business types.

    Our programmers have got decent years of experience and hence provide solutions for your application improvement project to the maximum potential. The entire team of Java, C, C++, C# developers can undertake every possible challenge that relates to C#, C, C++, or Java development.

    Staff Aug

    Microsoft Technologies

    At SNP Group Solutions, we have got one of the best teams of experts in professional web development and have good experience in Microsoft .NET Framework MVC, C#, APS.NET development. The experts are competent to take the best of Microsoft.NET solutions through their new and supportive approaches.

    You would be glad to know that with this Microsoft.NET platform, our experts have been proficient at delivering a varied range of services for our extensive client base present all across the globe. Only after listening out to all requirements, our experts come up with solutions based upon the nature of business.


    We also have got experience in designing and offering the right support for MySQL, MSSQL, Mongo architectures—no matter the level of complexity or even size.

    As per the requirement, we can offer you all the necessary support and make sure your systems are maintained. All our database engineers are highly efficient SQL and PHP coders and have got a good understanding of database management systems, such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, every professional is expert in different programming languages and technologies like XML, AJAX, NET, jQuery and Visual Basic. Also, our experts can very well assist you in the designing of data collection and auditing methods, data modelling, and design in addition to analytical reporting solutions.

    Based upon the requirement, we design data-driven desktop, web-based applications leveraging our clients to access data any time, and from any device. Featured with UI/UX designs, our database applications are easy to use. Not only this, but our team also helps you automate data transfers, also migrate data from various applications, and Database Management Systems (DBMS).